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SocialBro is a Twitter client that, as you might expect, is a lot more than just a simple client. It's actually a comprehensive analytics platform with account info for this social network. It also lets you manage and use your account as you would do with any other client.

This means you can still tweet from the platform, and also follow and unfollow other users, among other things. But the really important thing, and what stands out about SocialBro, is the huge amount of information it can provide about yourself and your followers. You can see who's following you, which countries they're from, which languages they follow you in, what's the best time to tweet or follow people, and many other statistics. All this information comes with lots of graphs that help you understand the data.

Another interesting thing you can do is compare your account with someone else's, which can be especially useful if you are comparing a company against yours, or if you're just curious about it.

SocialBro is a very interesting application. It's a comprehensive client for any Twitter user. The only downside is that because of all the information it handles, it can be too heavy for some modest computers.
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